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136 Nutrisystem’s “Food” Products.  Some are expired.  SOLD

For Sale: a total of 136 Nutrisystem’s “food” products.   The expiration dates range from October 2007, January 2008 to June 2008.  

My rotund former roommate bought this to help herself lose weight… And she did eat some of it… along with potato chips and ice cream.  When it became clear she wasn’t really going to do the Nutrisystem diet, we boxed it up and put it in the garage as earthquake/emergency food. 

Well fast forward a couple of years, she moves and leaves all that yummy Nutrisystem food.  And now it’s time for me to move and I don’t want it.   

Who would want expired Nutrisystem food, even if it’s a good deal? You may ask. 

I can think of at least three groups of people who would want this: 

  • People successfully living the Nutrisystem diet or people wanting to successfully live the Nutrisystem diet.
  • Earthquake, Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane, Snowed In, Flood, Locust or Other Pestilence Emergency Food.
  • Veterans wanting to relive the MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) experience.

But, some of it is expired.  You say - with a bit of a whiny tone. 

Look, if you’re familiar with Nutrisystem “food” you know this stuff is packaged to survive a nuclear attack.  I can’t imagine anything in this stuff would/could go bad before your grandchildren finish college.  I tried a bag of Soy Cheddar Chips and I didn’t taste anything that I thought would go bad before the Pyramids were dust.

I have lovingly (and neurotically) sorted it all.  Here what you get:

  • 23 “Cup-A-Soup” type containers including: Macaroni w/ Cheese; Tex-Mex Rice and Beans; Hearty Minestrone Soup; Scrambled Eggs; Pasta Parmesan; Spice Oriental Noodles and other tasty treats!
  • 27 - 7.5 oz microwaveable containers including: Hearty Beef Stew; Chicken Ala King; Tomato and Corn Chowder; Vegetable Beef Soup; Chicken and Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce; Chicken Noodle Soup; and Beans and Ham Soup (Vegetarians Note: some have “meat” in them or at least in their title.)
  • 14 Main Courses with such tantalizing dishes as Mushroom Gravy over Salisbury Steak; Beef Stroganoff; Green Pepper Steak with Rice; and BBQ Sauce over Beef, Beans and Rice.
  • 36 Protein/Candy bars.  Here’s a few of what you get: Chocolate Cookie Bar; Almond Biscotti; Chocolate Chip Naturally  & Artificially Flavored Granola Bar; Chocolate Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Biscotti; Cranberry Flavored Granola Bar; Fudge Graham Bar; and Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Bar.  (Note: Most are deformed from being in an un-insulated garage for the last few years.)
  • 4 Cereal bags: (3) NutriFrosted Crunch and (1) NutriCinnamon Squares  
  • 3 - 1 oz Soy Chip Bags one each of:  White Cheddar; Sour Cream and Onion; and Apple Cinnamon.
  • 4 – 3 oz envelopes 2 each of Tuna Salad and Chicken Salad (just like those scary ones you can get in the market.)
  • 16 - 1.2 oz Drink Envelopes including: Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Drink and Orange Crème Drink.  (Note to lovers of Orange Crème Drink: there is only one of those.)
  • 3 packs of Poppy Seed Muffins (2 “muffins” per package!).
  • 6 packs of Whole Wheat Melba Toast.  (Note: most are pretty broken up.)

If you are still hung up on the “expired” thing, let me put it to you this way -- I’ve had “Lasagna” in a box in my garage for the last few years exposed to the summers and winters of the San Fernando Valley; and if I read the box correctly, this was “good” until a few days ago (expired Jan 08).  Do you really think 2, 3, 5 or 20 years is really going to make a difference?  Besides, many of the items have no expiration date at all -- which must mean they’re good forever! 

(Note: display shelving unit NOT included; but I have some Tums I would throw in upon request.)



Contact me for more info on anything. and Debit Card Accepted


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