Light Art
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One day I opened a box of white Xmas lights and they came out of the box as they appear in the Orb below. 

I was holding the center looking at the bright white lights that were on either end of my hand and I thought,

"There's art here.  I don't know where it is; but it's here." 

Almost immediately I thought of wrapping a multi-color strand around the center and the Orb you see was created. 

Since then, well, you can figure it out...


8" Tall


 18"  Tall

Single Stick

Red, Green, Blue

with White wrap



Blue_Orb_w/_Green_Cube  8"



12" Vase with Red and

Green lights.




43" Tall


Bulb Wrap 15"


Bundle w/ Amber and Red

69" Tall













Multi with Red

 7'  Tall













Orange with Purple

 29"  Tall