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Tabletop Water Fountains

I call my fountains Water Art

It all started during a trip to Sedona, AZ, I picked up several rocks that were common to the area -- deep rust/red and flat on top and bottom. 

I stacked a few and quickly saw in my mind's eye water running down the stacked stones and for the last 10 years I've been building them. 


Each fountain is designed to be played with - the main structure is cemented together; but, there is always a few ways to adjust the flow, look and

sound of the fountain.  And when you go some place special, pick up a small rock and add it to your fountain.


The sizes range from 10" - 16" in diameter and 8"-15" tall.  Each piece averages 15 hours to construct and is a unique piece of functional art.  I'm

currently building 5 new ones.  Please come back soon to see more!


These have to be seen to truly see their individual beauty!


Prices range from $120 to $160.  (My fountains have sold in art galleries for $175 to $350.)

10" Tall 10" Diameter - SOLD

Click Here to see ~10 second video

7" Tall 14" Diameter

Click Here to see ~10 second video

Videos are between 1.5-3 megabytes

8" Tall 11" Diameter

Click Here to see ~10 second video


Between 7 and 16" Tall 16" Diameter

In the back right of the fountain, you can see some twigs sticking up, they go up a total of 16"

Click Here to see ~10 second video

9" Tall 14" Diameter

Click Here to see ~10 second video

Click Here to see ~20 second video


9" Tall 14" Diameter - SOLD

Click Here to see ~10 second video


7" Tall; 9" Diameter and 4.5" Diameter - SOLD

I don't know what the blue and white stones are in the upper tier.  The lower tier is rose and white quartz.

Click Here to see ~15 second video (3 megs)


17" Tall (to top of grass) 10" Diameter - SOLD

Click Here to see ~20 second video (3.7 megs)


Light Art

One day I opened a box of white Xmas lights and they came out of the box as they appear in the Orb below.  I was holding the center looking at the

bright white lights that were on either end of my hand and I thought, "There's art here.  I don't know where it is; but it's here."   I thought of wrapping

a multi-color strand around the center and the Orb you see was created. 

Since then, well, you can figure it out... You can see a few other designs at more Light Art



8" Tall


Blue_Orb_w/_Green_Cube  8"



 18"  Tall





43" Tall



Bulb Wrap 15"




Original Photography

This is only a small sample of my original framed photography that I'm selling.  I know the pictures below suck - hey I was using a point and shoot digital...

If you want to see more of my photography that looks good, go to If you are interested in any of these come to see them!

They really look great and there's A LOT more!!! I just wanted to put up a small sample. 


Frames generally range from 13"x11" and 16"x19"Prices range from $25 - $40.


The American Highway, series (Alaska)

Frame 17"x21" Photography 9"x6""



Cactus in B & W (Arizona)

Frame 13"x11" Photography 5"x7"



Eiffel Tower in B & W (Paris)

Seriously, the picture is in focus.  Frame 16"x19" Photography 6.5"x 9.5"

Russian Orthodox Church (Alaska)

Seriously, the picture is in focus.  Frame 13"x9" Photography 5x7


Telephone Poles in B & W (Oregon)

What you can't see is that the telephone poles line up and you can see them go off in the distance. Frame 9"x13" Photography 5x7

Sunset in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Frame 13"x9" Photography 5x7


Nurtisystem Food


136 Nutrisystem’s “Food” Products.  Some are expired. 

Sold, but the story is a ton of fun - read it if you're in the mood for a laugh!

For Sale: a total of 136 Nutrisystem’s “food” products.   The expiration dates range from October 2007, January 2008 to June 2008.

My rotund former roommate bought this to help herself lose weight… And she did eat some of it… along with potato chips and ice cream.  When it became clear she wasn’t really going to do the Nutrisystem diet, we boxed it up and put it in the garage as earthquake/emergency food. 

Well fast forward a couple of years, she moves and leaves all that yummy Nutrisystem food.  And now it’s time for me to move and I don’t want it.   

Who would want expired Nutrisystem food, even if it’s a good deal? You may ask. 

I can think of at least three groups of people who would want this: 

  • People successfully living the Nutrisystem diet or people wanting to successfully live the Nutrisystem diet.
  • Earthquake, Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane, Snowed In, Flood, Locust or Other Pestilence Emergency Food.
  • Veterans wanting to relive the MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) experience.

But, some of it is expired.  You say - with a bit of a whiny tone. 

Look, if you’re familiar with Nutrisystem “food” you know this stuff is packaged to survive a nuclear attack.  I can’t imagine anything in this stuff would/could go bad before your grandchildren finish college… I tried a bag of Soy Cheddar Chips and I didn’t taste anything that I thought would go bad before the Pyramids were dust…

Wanna read the rest of this story AND see more pictures???  Click Here


Contact me for more info on anything. and Debit Card Accepted

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